The Best Beach And Sunset Clubs In Tenerife

Welcome to Hi Tenerife! Here, we’ve meticulously handpicked some of Tenerife’s best beach clubs and sunset bars. Each venue exudes its own unique vibe, making them absolute must-visit spots.

By Korin Langton | Published on Mar 17, 2024

For lazy beach days and stunning sunsets, Tenerife has it all! Here’s a curated list of the best beach clubs and sunset venues that I believe you’ll truly enjoy.

Le club beach club Playa Fañabe, 

 Most renowned and prestigious beach club for daytime parties in Tenerife. Le Club sets the standard for style and service.

At Playa Fanabe Bay a variety of beach clubs awaits, each with its unique allure. My personal favorite is Le Club, where weekends ignite with vibrant music from DJs and lively dancers, crafting an electric atmosphere. 

What distinguishes Le Club are its plentiful VIP beds, providing a lavish setting to bask in the sun. With its pristine white sands and crystal-clear blue waters, it’s the perfect place to indulge oneself.

Le Club excels in crafting exquisite cocktails and delectable food, complemented by attentive staff, ensuring a luxurious experience that elevates your beach day to a stylish affair.

Roca Negra Playa Paraiso Sunset Club

Nestled beside natural rock pools and steps leading down to the ocean, Roca Negra offers a serene escape in Playa Paraíso. Before winding down at the Roca Negra Sunset Club, it’s the perfect spot to soak in the coastal charm and unwind amidst the beauty of Tenerife’s rugged coastline.

If you enjoy a bit of spice, don’t miss out on the Sunset Ritual at Roca Negra. This unique cocktail, adorned with honey and chili, packs a flavorful punch that’s sure to excite your taste buds. When it comes to food, we always opt for the sharing plate featuring an enticing selection of local meats and cheeses. 

As the sun sets and the sky transforms with vibrant hues, Roca Negra provides panoramic views that offer the perfect backdrop for relaxation and enjoyment.

Kaluna Beach Club Playa Fañabe,

If you’re in the mood to unwind and have a blast with friends, this club is the place to be. With a lively party atmosphere, it’s a hotspot for young people enjoying drinks and splashing around in the pool.

If you’re in the mood to unwind and have a blast with friends, this club is the place to be. With a lively party atmosphere, it’s a hotspot for young people enjoying drinks and splashing around in the pool. While the club isn’t directly on the beach, it’s just a stone’s throw away, making it a convenient choice for beachgoers seeking some excitement. 

During my last visit, I indulged in a delicious pizza and a refreshing frozen cocktail, both served right to our table by the friendly and charming staff. Their warm hospitality added to the overall enjoyment of the experience. With its vibrant ambiance and close proximity to the beach, this club offers the perfect combination of relaxation and fun for a memorable day out.

Monkey Beach, Las Americas

The atmosphere here is always buzzing, especially during their lively events that start in the daytime and go on until midnight. I’ve been here a few times and can attest to its great vibe.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the entrance, while VIP guests have their own separate entrance for direct access to tables as it tends to get very busy later on.

At this event, expect multiple DJs dropping bangers, dancers lighting up the floor, and an electrifying atmosphere. If that’s not quite your scene, booking a VIP table offers the luxury of table service.

OA Beach Club, Las Americas

A fairly new addition to Tenerife’s beach club scene, this establishment boasts stunning vistas and a convenient location near the beaches of Las Americas.

Oa Beach Club isn’t just a fantastic spot for sunbathing and enjoying cocktails with friends; it’s also an exceptional restaurant. Having dined here several times, I must say the paella is one of the best I’ve had on the island. 

Situated in Las Americas, while the beach club isn’t directly on the beach, the area boasts sand and huge four-poster white beds—perfect for lounging, soaking up the sun, and capturing memorable selfies with friends

Cocoa beach club, Costa Adeje

Cocoa Beach Club exudes a casual charm with its relaxed atmosphere. The wait staff dons vibrant Hawaiian-style shirts, adding a touch of island flair, while lively music sets the perfect backdrop for a memorable experience. 

Indulge in delectable food and refreshing drinks while taking in breathtaking views right on the beachfront. Take a swim and come back to hang out in the swinging chairs and watch the football on their large TV. This place is one of my go-to daytime hangouts; well-priced and delicious food makes this place one of the best beach clubs in Tenerife. Coco Beach Club is not your typical beach club; instead, it’s more focused on dining and relaxing. Yet, its casual charm, delicious food, and reasonable prices make it a standout spot in Tenerife. It’s become one of my favorite daytime hangouts, and I’m confident you’ll find it equally delightful."

Roca Blanca Beach Club, Los Cristianos

Roca Blanca is a recently opened beach club situated in Los Cristianos. This beach club offers entertainment for both kids and adults, featuring a restaurant, a small play area for children, a paddling pool, and a variety of soft drinks that the children are sure to enjoy.

At the beach club, the beds are uniquely round, providing both style and comfort. Large enough for two or three people to lounge on, they offer the perfect spot to relax and unwind. 

I had the pleasure of visiting last year for my friend’s engagement party, and it was a hit with everyone, including children and parents. This beach club truly has something for everyone, ensuring that all guests can enjoy themselves and create lasting memories

Torviscas Beach Club, 

Relax in style at one of Tenerife’s largest beach clubs, situated in what I would describe as the heart of beach club central. This is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the beach

Torviscas Beach Club is a haven of bliss, offering an authentic beach experience. Whether you choose to lounge at tables or unwind at the bar, bask in the laid-back atmosphere. With attentive table service, comfortable beds, and the soothing sounds of chill beach music, relaxation is guaranteed. 

Indulge in delicious food and refreshing drinks delivered right to your sunbeds or table. Take a dip and enjoy the sunset directly from the beach, immersing yourself in unparalleled natural beauty and ambiance


Where do I begin with this beach club? It boasts a multitude of attractions. Firstly, it’s located on a stony beach, so you won’t find sand invading your shoes even though you’re right by the shore.

Coqueluche is a beach club with a small restaurant, offering the perfect blend of sunbathing or enjoying a tasty meal while watching kite surfers gracefully land along the beach.

The food and drinks served here are of top-notch quality, and I’ve frequented this spot on numerous occasions. It’s become one of my favorites due to its distinctiveness and the exceptional experience it offers.

KONG Las Americas

This vibrant beach bar is in a great location to soak up the sun with creative cocktails and beautiful decorations adorning the bar. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the coastal atmosphere. The inviting ambiance, the sound of the waves crashing a truly relaxing setting.

Day or Night if you find yourself at KONG, don’t miss out on their signature cocktail featuring biscuits and butterscotch ice cream. The first sip of this concoction was a revelation—it’s utterly delicious. I highly recommend trying it; I believe it’s called the Cheeky Monkey or something along those lines.

May this compilation of beach clubs serve as a guide to your Tenerife adventures. Here’s to exploring and experiencing the vibrant beach club scene firsthand. Cheers to unforgettable moments by the sea!

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