Food Tips Where To Eat in Tenerife

Tenerife’s Culinary Secrets Unveiled: Discover Hidden Gems and World-Class Dining

By Korin Langton | Published on Mar 18, 2024

If you love food you have come to the right place, here you can find a few top secret local places and also some stunning restrants to rival any in the world. Check out my top tips on where i most enjoy to eat, carfully chosesn to tantalise your taste buds.

La Torre del Mirador del Duque

A beautiful and well-located Canarian mansion restaurant and dining experience, first opened its doors in two thousand and four. Here is a little about my experience there.

Upon entering La Torre del Mirador, I was greeted by friendly and professional wait staff who took us to our table overlooking the sea. It’s like sitting on a balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The waiter suggested cava to start, so we agreed. As we sip our delicate cava, we feel an instant sense of well-being as we then glance at the menu.

We ordered, and without a long wait, our food arrived. I started with the prawn cocktail, which was beautiful and delicious, containing four prawns and a variety of tropical fruits. This restaurant has a lot to offer with nine separate dining areas.

The last two times I was there, we sat in the balcony dining area. The time before that, we sat in the dining area known as the bridge, looking down into the music hall which is another one of the nine available separate dining areas. Down in the music hall, there are usually live music bands playing and people dancing to the well-known and loved music.

Meson El Monasterio, Los Realejos

The House and Hacienda of Nuestra Señora de Candelaria, created by Fray Antonio el Gomero, dates back to the 18th century, around 1788. In 1990, the Columbus SA company acquired the property, and after various renovations and restoration efforts spanning three years, Meson El Monasterio reopened its doors to the public, where it has remained open to this day. Over the years, it has been honored with the presence of high-profile personalities from the world of culture and politics, including former President Bill Clinton himself.

The restaurant where we dined is perhaps 300 years old, almost unchanged with time. During my last visit there, I ordered the lamb chops, which I remember being fresh and succulent. What’s fascinating about this restaurant is its stunning resident black-headed peacocks with dark blue iridescent wings, as well as chickens and other birds that wander through the outdoor terrace. I enjoy sharing scraps from our plates with them and observing their playful interactions.

Sometimes, I take a stroll into the restaurant’s backyard, where I find a pond with ducks swimming gracefully. Adjacent to the pond lies a beautiful garden with baby chicks and ducks waddling around. This area is reserved for weddings, and during my last visit, I witnessed a wedding ceremony taking place, with the bride passing by the restaurant window followed by her maid of honor.

Besame Mucho, Las Americas

Experience the allure of Besame Mucho, situated in a prime location along the coast in Las Americas, right next to the renowned Monkey Beach beach club and bar

With its breathtaking views and the enchanting melodies of romantic Italian music, this restaurant offers everything you need for a truly special evening in Las Americas, Tenerife.

For starters, I often like to begin with the ceviche—it’s a delightful blend of fresh fish and spices that keeps me returning time and time again. And let’s not overlook the champagne selection. With its diverse offerings, it adds an elegant touch to the dining experience. Finally, the giant crab legs here are truly exceptional, making them the perfect finale to an unforgettable meal.

Having been here countless times myself, I can’t help but rave about this spot’s unbeatable vibes, with its stunning sea views and easy access to nearby bars for some after-dinner fun. 

KENSEI Del Duque

This contemporary Japanese cuisine restaurant is a popular place to eat. On my last experience there, we had Wagyu beef, which we then cooked on our table. Also, the sushi is a must, being a Japanese restaurant. The presentation of the food is creative and immaculate. 

Kensei has a range of tasty and unique cocktails; mine was in a traditional Japanese-style cup. Once you have eaten, you can take a stroll in the secret garden. It’s well-kept and has a stream, a bridge, lots of trees, plants, and even a black swan. The decor is unique in Japanese style and colours

Here, you can choose where in the building you dine, as it offers five different atmospheres. When I was there, we had just turned up without a reservation and we ate in the gallery. However, I would recommend eating on the terrace overlooking the secret garden, or at the sushi bar to watch the chefs in action.

Sublime, La Calleta

Having recently dined at this establishment, I am still enamored by the delightful experience. Seated outdoors, we were treated to a picturesque view of the sun setting behind La Gomera, adding an extra layer of charm to our evening.  

Each dish showcased fresh ingredients and meticulous attention to detail, even extending to the elegantly patterned oil dipping with dressing. In conclusion, this dining experience was exceptional, and I wholeheartedly recommend this establishment as one of the finest culinary destinations in La Caleta.

The presentation of our starter was truly remarkable; a glass dome entrapping the smoke, released with theatrical flair upon serving. Our selections, the smoked mozzarella, cheese and ham croquettes, and the beef and truffle carpaccio adorned with beetroot puree and Parmesan cheese, accompanied by a perfectly seared egg yolk, were exquisite.

Bianco, Las Americas

This Italian restaurant, adorned entirely in white, exudes an elegant ambiance that enhances your dining experience. Bianco offers a selection of excellent dishes and is a favorite among locals, priding itself on serving fresh, high-quality food and drinks. Situated in a fantastic location, Bianco features a cocktail bar and terrace, adding to its allure. 

I highly recommend indulging in the truffle steak; it is simply divine, boasting a harmonious blend of flavors that tantalize the palate. The cocktails were expertly presented and utterly delicious. If you happen to be near the Safari Center in Las Americas, I wholeheartedly believe that Bianco is a must-visit.

CALA, Playa Torviscas

Embracing the glorious weather of Tenerife by dining alfresco is an experience to relish, and Cala undoubtedly stands out as the gem of Costa Adeje. With its captivating flaming fired food displays and expertly crafted cocktails, Cala promises an unforgettable culinary journey.

Nestled just above the bustling beachfront and below a quaint shopping center, the restaurant boasts a mesmerizing panoramic view of the sun gracefully setting over the Atlantic Ocean. 

The ambiance exudes enchantment, with verdant real plants lending a touch of nature, complemented by the understated elegance of natural straw lamp shades and talent-infused furniture design.

Whether you’re gathering with a large group or seeking an intimate evening for two, Cala effortlessly caters to both scenarios. It’s the perfect blend of romance and laid-back sophistication, making it an ideal destination to savor delicious cuisine while soaking in the beauty of Tenerife’s coastal charm.

Coco Beach Club, Costa Adaje

Coco Beach Club exudes a charm with its relaxed and fun atmosphere. The wait staff wear. vibrant Hawaiian-style shirts, adding a touch of island flair, while lively music sets the perfect backdrop for a memorable experience. Indulge in delectable food and refreshing drinks while taking in breathtaking views of the beachfront.

Children can delight in a swing, adding to the family-friendly ambiance, while hanging chairs offer adults a cozy spot to enjoy a romantic cocktail amidst the enchanting bohemian atmosphere.

There’s a great choice of well-priced food and drinks. The crispy chicken sandwich is what I usually have; just talking about it makes me want to go there. Menus are usually stood up on the table with pictures of the delishios burgers wraps and sandwiches so you can se exaccly waht your getting. I would recommend coming here during the daytime for lunch or brunch, perhaps.

Easily accessible for mothers with prams, disabled individuals, and wheelchair users, this place offers direct access down the beach path from the car park, ensuring convenience for all visitors. It’s a great destination for everyone to enjoy without any limitations.

Aroma and Sabor, Costa Adeje

This has to be one of my all-time favorites serving fresh, healthy Peruvian food; it’s totally out of this world. I love so many things from here; it’s a must-visit if you like food with a touch of spice.

This family-run restaurant is authentic Peruvian, and everything has been prepared with love and a special knowledge of food and flavors. Aroma and Sabor recently acquired the restaurant next door, making it much larger with a huge outdoor terrace offering stunning views from the mountains to the sea.

All the dishes are reasonably priced and well presented, with the staff being helpful and friendly, adding to the overall experience. I highly recommend trying the Trio de Causa, Spicy Tiger Prawns, and, last but not least, the Ceviche.

I love the Trio de Causa, mostly because it’s been prepared using the finest ingredients from the other side of the world, like orange peppers from Peru. In my opinion, this taste experience is what makes this one of the island’s hidden gems.

Restaurante El Cordero, San Miguel de Abona

For a truly unique experience, visit Restaurante El Cordero. This charming eatery offers authentic Canarian cuisine amidst serene, verdant surroundings. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by a display of select meat cuts in a cabinet, and a welcoming staff member will escort you to your table. 

At Restaurante El Cordero, you can indulge in a delightful selection of local wines and cheeses. Once you’ve savored your meal, step outside through the back door to explore the adjacent banana plantation, where a delightful family of goats and an abundance of lush plant life await. It’s an unforgettable journey into the heart of Canarian rural life. I wholeheartedly recommend this experience to anyone seeking genuine Canarian flavors in an idyllic setting.

L’Osteria Sea, Callao Salvaje

Just the other evening, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a hidden gem: L’Osteria Sea, nestled in a cove beside the beach. We were seated at the front of the restaurant, next to the natural wall formed by the cove, adorned with lush plants, facing out towards the sea. The ambiance immediately captured my attention with its beautiful and contemporary design, featuring bright lights, an umbrella-shaped roof, and an astounding view. This place truly radiates something special.

During my visit, I had the pleasure of indulging in their garlic prawns, which were absolutely delicious. Additionally, we sampled their quasadilla, a generous plate featuring two perfectly crafted quesadillas accompanied by fresh guacamole. Each bite was a delightful balance of flavors, leaving us craving more.

To complement our meal, we opted for their white wine and found it to be a perfect match for the evening.

The Pasta Alfredo. It’s definitely worth a try,  wth its sweet and creamy flavour i have to say its the best main for me up to nowThe restaurant feels authentically Italian to me. If you decide to go, I highly recommend starting with the prawns and then enjoying the Pasta Alfredo paired with a delicious white wine. It was truly exquisite!

The attentive and friendly staff ensured that our dining experience was exceptional from start to finish. Whether visiting in the evening like we did, or perhaps during the daytime, given its stunning location, I am certain that a return visit to L’Osteria Sea is in order. It’s a place I look forward to revisiting soon.

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