A day out in La Caleta - Tenerife

La Caleta is a seaside town with plenty of good restaurants and cafes. This place has a feel-good factor and I highly recommend to experiencing what la Caleta has to offer.

By Korin Langton | Published on Apr 14, 2024

> Morning


I like to start my day on the beach, here you can find a beautiful beach club its name is Coqueluche. I have been coming here for years and it only seems to get better with age. This place is fascinating as you can see people returning from their trip in the sky paragliding, and landing gracefully along the beach. Choose to take a sunbed have food and drinks brought to you by the friendly staff and enjoy a wide selection of delicious food and beverages.

> Afternoon


La Caleta is a small town it has some interesting shops so I like to walk through the town and admire the brightly colored houses. A stroll along the front on the seaside path is always nice.

> Late Afternoon

Late Afternoon

While the sun is out I like to take a dip in the ocean in front of the La Caleta restaurant named La Caleta you can find some steps leading down into the sea I find this reinvigorating There is something about swimming here that makes me feel alive I highly recommend this experience

> Evening


There are many restaurants here in La Caleta with a sea view I recommend booking your table at least a day in advance about at some places sthis is not always neccisery. The last time I was in La Caleta I ate in Sublime it is a small restaurant in the perfect place to dine as The sun goes down. the food here is excellent and I do recommend the smoked cheese that is presented

> Night


La Caleta has a couple of places open at night for drinks; however, they are not open very late. best to get there before 10pm.

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